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Looking fish decor for my 20 gallon tank
About 2 inches but will get big. My cichlid is nipping its fins. So getting rid of it for the poor fish.
Used but in good shape. I believe it is a 30 gallon tank. Includes everything pictured
Holds 90 gallons, no leaks or cracks. Comes with the stand, rocks, decor, plants, filter, bubblers, light, water testing set, extra nets, CO2 system, water treatments, etc. Pick up only.
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
49 gallon. Empty. No fish. Everything you need to set up. Needs a cleaning. $85 obo
I have a 155 gallon fish tank in a cabinet that separates. Lots of fish included as well as all the accessories from food, two heaters, automatic cleaner, 850 foot vacuum hose, rope lighting, food, and water cleansing materials. I really enjoy fish tanks, but I live alone and don't get to share this with anybody so it's it's in my dining room unappreciated. Looking to get rid of it to free up s...
Holds water or doesn t have to. $5.00.
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