The two quart pots have been used very minimal. The six quart pot has been used more. All are in excellent shape. Lids are perfect.
Holds 35 K-Cup pods. Brand new. Taken out of the box once to test, but it is too large for my counter space.
Himalayan salt lamp that has rarely been used. Has dimmer control. $8.00.
Modine high efficiency 2 furnace. In great condition. 75000 btu. Will heat large garage/garage gym. Unit was rarely used. Was just to much heat output for the space. Also including approximately 20 feet of ventilation duct work.
Warm morning natural gas heater. 8500 btu. In good condition. Sold by Locke Stove Co.
White tile top with natural wood finish. 33.75" tall, 25.5" long, 18" deep. Good condition, no damage. 360 degree turning rollers.